Super Bowl LIV’s Ads: Tom Brady and Hulu are a Perfect Match (and We’ve Got the Stats to Prove It)

Feb 3, 2020 | Insights

We at StatSocial were quite impressed with the Hulu commercial that aired during this past Sunday’s Super Bowl. If you don’t know, the ad featured the New England Patriots’ living legend, six Super Bowl ring having quarterback, Mr. Tom Brady.

We went through our data and quickly ascertained that a substantial segment of Hulu’s viewers are Patriots fans. While trying to gauge whether or not this fondness was reciprocated, we discovered that an even more significant portion of the Patriots’ audience is made up of loyal Hulu customers.

The insights provided here are not even a drop in the enormous bucket of insights that StatSocial has on offer. The story they tell, however, gives just a taste of how our data can be used to pair brands with influencers, and other likely fruitful partners.

Also, no Monday morning quarterbacking here. These are simply the numbers. Just good old fashioned impartial statistics.

With those spoilers out of the way, you can skip to the charts, or enjoy this quick recap.

The Campaign

The whole thing turned out to be a well-played and well-hyped switcheroo. A social media campaign loosely suggested, and teased, that the 42-year old Brady would possibly be announcing his retirement during the Big Game.

Here‘s the tweet — shared on the Thursday before Super Bowl LIV — that initially gave birth to speculation.

If you’re just coming upon this now, for some reason, the time for speculating is behind us.

If for some reason you’ve not seen the spot, and are currently unable, we’ll summarize. It starts with black and white footage of Brady entering an empty stadium, while earnest, emotional music plays. Then, a Brady voice-over states, “They say all good things must come to an end…”

The voice-over goes on to elaborate that his teammates, family, and fans deserve to hear what he has to share directly from him.

Then, the music stops, and Brady — now speaking straight to camera, no longer in voice over — declares, “Hulu doesn’t just have live sports…”

He is then shown walking down the field of the empty stadium, following up with the meta-line, “according to the script they just gave me, Hulu also has…” And he details features and programming that the Disney-controlled streaming service has on offer.

He starts to wrap things up by advising viewers to “say goodbye to TV as you know it,” closing by finally declaring, “but me, I’m not going anywhere.”

The extent to which this was an actual “gotcha,” or more of a good-naturedly eye-rolling moment is unknown to us. The ad has folks talking, though, and it conveyed its message beautifully: Hulu exists and is good. Oh, and also, Tom Brady is not retiring.

As competition within the streaming sector grows more stiff, it has been speculated that you’ll see more of these sorts of simple, straightforward declarations of brand. Hulu was there at the start of this thing, and with Disney now fully at the helm, it seems they’re seeking to reestablish their identity.

As you’ll see below — as you peruse the stats — they could not have picked a better spokesperson (and on his special day, and everything) to do it.


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How to Read the Below Charts

The “audience vs. baseline” column reports two numbers. The horizontal bar in gray reports the baseline statistic against which our results are being measured. For this study, we are using the average American online audience as our baseline.

The blue bar reports the segment, or percentage, of each audience whose affinities align with what’s described in each chart’s header.

The “INDEX” column reports the degree to which that segment size (or percentage) is in keeping with, falls short of, or is in excess of the baseline (which again, in this instance, is the average American online audience).

To clarify: The first chart you see below says “Hulu Customers who are Also Patriots Fans.” Then, in the chart immediately below you can see that 2.35% of Tom Brady’s fans also subscribe to the streaming stalwart. And, in the appropriate column, you see that there’s an index score of 202, or 2.02x. What the index score means is that the segment of the Patriots’ fans who are also customers of Hulu exceeds what you’d find within the average American online by by 2.02 times.

— — — — — — — — — — — —

Please Note: The below graphics are excerpted from the StatSocial web platform. The images have been edited to better fit into the entry. For this first graphic — Hulu Customers who are also Patriots Fans — we’ve included the top five most over-indexed NFL teams among Hulu’s customers. The reason? To illustrate that the Patriots topped the list.

As we continued to regard this simple query through different lenses, we quickly learned that among the New England Patriots most ardent fans, the segment that also subscribes to Hulu exceeds what you’d find among the average American online audience by 2.41 times. As you can see for yourself above.

Remember, when you’re the team responsible for winning, give or take, 32% of the last 19 Super Bowls, not everyone is going to be your best friend. So, that said, these results are really quite impressive.

— — — — — — — — — — — —


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