Super Bowl XLIX-Brand Bowl

Feb 5, 2015 | Insights

The Super Bowl is not only the biggest sporting events of the year but also one of the biggest media events of the year. To air a 30 second commercial in Super Bowl XLIX cost you around $4.5 million to reach the most viewers a broadcasted event has ever seen. We measured the most talked about advertisers of the night and who was talking about them.

The infographic below ranks the advertisers based on total mentions from 6pm-midnight on Sunday night. Budwesier comes in as number 1 because everyone loves puppies and their macro brew commercial sparked a bit of controversy. Nationwide started the night off strong with their #InvisibleMinday commercial with special guest Matt Damon before airing an emotional commercial that sparked a Twitter outrage.

Sprint aired an “apology” commercial to its competitors which caused a feud online between execs. The consumers talking about Sprint on Twitter like Duck Dynasty and were 14x more likely to be interested in NASCAR than the average Twitter audience.

McDonalds “Pay with Lovin” add was popular with the female audience who like Ariana Grande and are 7x more likely to like StubHub than the average audience.