The Coffee Brands with the Most Adventurous Customers

Feb 22, 2019 | Insights

This here StatSocial blog exists to engage and entertain both those who come here with fire and purpose, and those who find themselves merely passing through. We don’t mean to sound immodest, but we’re fairly certain that whatever the statistics we’re presenting, the event — of publishing whatever the blog entry in question may be — could safely be called the greatest thing happening on the planet at that moment*.

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Within this space we share with our visitors — among whom you, the reader, are one — a glimpse of the StatSocial audience analysis tool’s unique power, and one-of-a-kind insights.

This time around we visit two subjects near and dear to the hearts of the many; coffee and adventure. We’ve determined which home brew, retail coffee brands, and coffee-centric restaurant chains can boast having the largest proportion of adventurous souls among their dedicated consumer bases.

“Adventurous” you say? Yes, we know that!

By the looks of things Frodo maybe could have skipped this mug. Still, they are on one heck of an adventure.

Among the great many things StatSocial will tell you about any audience, one of the most distinctive, revealing, and essential is a breakdown of the various personality types that can be found among the bunch being scrutinized. In addition to affinities (from brands of soap to soap operas to opera houses to realtors, and so on), loyalties, demographics, and geolocations — all of which get to the root of the oh-so important “what?” — we provide the predictive edge, by also addressing the big, fat “who?” in the room. With a fully fleshed out picture, the behaviors of a given audience can be much more accurately anticipated.

Thanks to StatSocial’s partnership with IBM Watson™ and the integration of their Personality Insights™ service into our reporting we can report on personality traits with as much confidence as we do those metrics which to some might seem more concrete.

How does Watson help us do that, you ask?

As is being concluded with increasing frequency, social media audience analysis is far more reliable than traditional research for learning public opinion(s), and predicting public behaviors. The data StatSocial uses to calculate its insights is pulled in from the web’s many far flung nooks and crannies. This includes social media postings, blog entries, articles, message board posts, and all writings each audience’s member has posted.

Watson’s sophisticated AI allows IBM Watson Personality Insights™ to analyze these postings and infer from the language and tone used — with extraordinary accuracy — the personality types of those behind the communications.

To learn more, visit IBM Watson’s site here.

“I’m a Bear Until I Have My Coffee”

The above quote is the sort of thing many have been heard to grumble, barely coherently, and with glassy eyes moist from a combination of confusion and anger. Until the morning java’s caffeine hits the bloodstream, many of we humans are not a barrel of monkeys.

The folks highlighted on the list below — perhaps even without the aid of their coffee, although we’re certain that partaking enhances the thrill — would never describe themselves as a bear, for they have wrestled with the genuine article. They leave being analogous to a barrel of monkeys for the poets to sort out, they’re too busy going down Niagara Falls in a barrel… FULL OF GORILLAS!


Scores on the below graphic have been calculated using 100 to represent the occurrence of adventurousness among the average American audience. Using this baseline of 100 for context, we can see below that, for example, consumers of New England Coffee find the adventurous among their crowd to a degree that exceeds the average by over 1.49 or, if you prefer, one-and-a-half times.

We’ve assigned the number 100 to represent the degree to which adventurousness is displayed among members of the average audience. These scores are calculated using that baseline for context. Drinkers of illy caffè’s coffee count the adventurous among their ranks to a degree that exceeds the average by over 3.49 times. The segment of Peet’s Coffee’s dedicated consumers who are of the adventurous set exceeds the average by 2.73 times.

Those Are Some Adventurous Coffee Drinkers, Right?

A pair of spelunkers enter unexplored territory, but not empty handed. They come brandishing cans of illy caffè’s Classico. Whatever else you may see in the photo is just a trick of the light. (Apologies to director Neil Marshall and his excellent 2005 film, ‘The Descent, ’which, if scary movies aren’t your bag, we recommend against investigating.)

Well, would you look at that? Italian coffee maker illy caffè — whose products are widely available in the states (which, not to editorialize, the author of this entry may or may not find excellent… but probably may) — finds the high adventure set mingling among those who dig their products to a degree surpassing the average by three-and-a-half times.

Brands that might in the view of some seem a bit more “gourmet,” but not necessarily boutique or artisanal, occupy the top slots. The San Francisco headquartered Peet’s Coffee — who are both a chain of cafes and a manufacturer of well regarded coffees available at grocery stores — can boast an adventurous segment among their most ardent enthusiasts that exceeds the average by 2.73 times (comfortably approaching two-and-three-quarters times).

When we get to the fourth place slot, things move away from the fancy. Before going out adventurin’ — perhaps ice fishing in 30 below temperatures, or doing a ride along with Sgt. Preston , or Dudley Do-Right, in the Yukon — those who frequent Canadian perennial coffee and donut chain, Tim Horton’s (which in recent years has become quite popular in the states as well) are just looking for a “damn fine cup of coffee” (if you’ll please pardon our, and Special Agent Dale Cooper’s, French).

The moose riding, tundra traversing segment of the Tim Horton’s sect are 2.06 times larger than the average audience’s adventurous chunk.

You can read the whole chart for yourself, and please reach out to us if there’s any aspect of this you’d like clarified.

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