The Mountain Dew-Doritos Partnership Might Not Be Such A Bad Idea

Nov 12, 2014 | Insights

PepsiCo confirmed that Doritos flavored Mountain Dew is a real thing, which has many people, namely Stephen Colbert, talking.

This isn’t the first time Mountain Dew and Doritos have been marketed together, or merged into one product (remember Doritos Quest). Since this product has created a lot of talk we analyzed the audience of @Mtn_Dew and @Doritos to see if their affinities support this new product.

  • 40% of Doritos followers like Mountain Dew (the #12 brand overall) making this audience 128x more likely to like Mountain Dew than the average audience.
  • 33% of Mountain Dew followers like Doritos (the #7 brand overall) making this audience 53x more likely to like Doritos than the average Twitter audience.