The Top-20 #AlwaysTrump and #NeverTrump Influencers

Mar 6, 2016 | Insights

More so than any presidential election year in recent memory — including the dazzlingly historic election of 2008 — the most unlikely of outcomes seems well within the realm of possibility this November.

It isn’t even that a Jewish, septuagenarian, self-confessed socialist might receive the Democrat party’s nomination. A scenario, incidentally, unthinkable even as recently as 8 years ago and now within the realm of possibility (however unlikely).

To bring up to date those living under the rocks that somehow still have internet and/or wireless service…

New York City real estate mogul, reality TV star, and one of America’s most controversial household names of the past 30-years, Donald J. Trump, will very possibly — perhaps likely — be the presidential nominee of the Republican party.

StatSocial decided it was time to sort through the mountains of social data surrounding this most unexpected turn of events and report back to you our findings.

To start, we took a look at hundreds of thousands of pro-Donald #AlwaysTrump tweets and compared those people with their diametrically opposed, anti-Donald #NeverTrump crowd. These hashtags both started trending just prior to the Super Tuesday primary contests, roughly a week ago today.

Next, we took a look at the celebrities and influencers who matter the most to these opposing camps, ranking them by our “Multiple” metric.

To understand the Multiple metric, look at our “victor” for the #AlwaysTrump side, the self-proclaimed “Sage of South Central,” Larry Elder, who comes in with a “multiple” of 216x; meaning those people who tweeted to #AlwaysTrump are literally 216x more likely than the average person to be one of his fans.

Elder and Trump

So, without further ado, here’s our first list.

Top 20 #AlwaysTrump Conservative Social Influencers

The biggest surprise for us on this list was Steve Forbes, himself a businessman, once similarly believed an extremely viable possible GOP presidential nominee from the private sector. But as far as he did go in the electoral process, he never got within 100 miles of where Donald has arrived. Still his endorsement, and the significant endorsement of his supporters as reflected in his “multiple” score, was not entirely expected by us

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The anti-Trump list reveals the written press has been leading the way in terms of open opposition to the success of Trump’s candidacy.

The top-three names stand out, number one and three being those of major contributors to conservative magazine, National Review; the self-described “most widely read and influential magazine and web site for conservative news, commentary, and opinion”

The journal’s February issue made the magazine’s editorial stance on Trump’s candidacy known in no uncertain terms, the issue a compendium of anti-Trump essays by some of the nation’s most prominent conservative thinkers and writers.

Our number two on this list, John Podhoretz, is the Editor-in-Chief of Commentary magazine, a venerable, conservative political journal, also anything but shy in their criticism of Trump. And we’ll note they outspokenly took such a position before it was in vogue to do so.

Indeed, just this morning John — affectionately known as JPod by insiders — appeared on MSNBC and made his feelings known in no uncertain terms

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