The Top Hotel Rewards Programs with Caribbean Travelers

May 24, 2016 | Insights

These two Parrotheads hope to never find their lost shakers of salt. We, however, hope they find a modicum of shame.

Ever eaten a cheeseburger in paradise? I’m not sure what that means, but Jimmy Buffet is really rich for having written such songs, fetishizing the idea of a white, middle class yankee glomming on to some strange idea of the Caribbean lifestyle.

Based on minimal research, and none meaningful, best I can gather, to be a “Parrothead” — what Buffet’s cult call themselves — you’re in your 50s, you wear a loud floral print shirt, and possibly say “ya mon” a lot.

StatSocial the website at which you’ve found yourself can bog you down with minutia about “Parrotheads” if so inclined, surely as they exist in the world of social media. Analyzing social media audiences — meaning any group of individuals you can lump together in a social media context, including Jimmy Buffet’s most devoted — is what we do here. For more info on all that, check out the links at this entry’s botttom.

Obviously the Caribbean is a massive area of sea and land masses, to the southeast of the United States, made up of many, many cultures and sovereign nations. To generalize it is offensive.

To generalize the American Caribbean traveler — surely the type who would join a rewards club — is just plain fun.

Some of its destinations are among the most beautiful on the face of the Earth. Those lucky enough to have been to the French-ruled island of Saint Barthélemy (aka, St. Barts) know from whence we write. While there, leaving seems inconceivable. Living anywhere else makes no sense, at least for a little while.

I needed no mediocre recording artist to sell me on the appeal of crystal waters, white sands, and the realization that the hot, humid weather that makes New York City a hell on Earth all summer, once sans pollution, and with the addition of gentle sea breezes, is vastly more tolerable than nearly anything. In fact, seldom does the word perfection so frequently cross ones mind.

Starwood owns many high and high-mid range hotels and resorts throughout the region; in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, St. Maarten, Mexico, St. John, the Cayman Islands, as well as multiple resorts in Puerto Rico.

They top this list in what many would describe as a statistical tie with Hilton. Hilton’s properties cannot only be found in all the nations listed above, but such even more exotic locales as Barbados, Cartagena, Curaçao, Trinidad, and Aruba.

Most of these programs will have what are called “blackout dates.” Usually peak seasons where certain rewards are off limits, as their value is at a premium. But Hilton Barbados — while not necessarily their nicest hotel (even in Barbados) — has no blackout dates.

An American couple spends some time hanging out with the island locals. They were introduced to this particular group of gentlemen after providing a small gratuity to their cab driver. In exchange for an additional fee to these new friends they found the remainder of their visit a bit more amusing than they otherwise might have.

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