The Voice Analysis: Favorite Judges & Brands

Oct 27, 2014 | Insights

This season, The Voice added 2 new judges, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams.

We tracked the conversation (#TheVoice and #VoicePremiere) on the night of the premiere to discover who the viewers are and what they like. Below are the finding around, which judge is their favorite, and what brand sponsorships are most effective.


Blake Shelton is not only the favorite judge, but the favorite celebrity of this audience (Adam won’t be too happy). Adam is the second favorite judge and celebrity while Pharrell takes 3rd favorite judge but is the 39th favorite celebrity overall. While Gwen is the 55th favorite celebrate, this audience is 10.5x more likely to like Gwen than the average Twitter audience.

Host, Carson Daly was the 23rd favorite celebrity.


Starbucks logos and drinks can be seen in almost scene of The Voice, turns out, it is the #1 restaurant of this audience. Kohl’s is another sponsor of the show and comes in as #3 favorite retailer.

Check back after the finale and we’ll see if these standings have changed