‘The Walking Dead’ Fans’ Favorite Snack Brands

Feb 26, 2019 | Insights

They’re really lovely once you get to know them. Don’t believe the hype. If you do go over to one of their lofts for a snack party, though, you may want to keep a shotgun handy. You know, just in case.

In the late-60s the rock band, The Zombies, had a massive hit with their single “Time of the Season.” While you may wince at this intro — knowing as you do where this entry is going from both the subject line and the above photo — it is all the same true that we are currently living through a season’s time, and it’s one specifically related to zombies. (You’ve got to start your entries somehow.)

A previous entry in this blog focused on the beer brands most popular with fans of ‘The Walking Dead.’

As the show is currently airing the second half of its ninth season, with a 10th definitely coming, it seemed a terrific bit of excitement onto which we could latch and demonstrate the power of StatSocial — for marketers and media sellers alike — to pair brands with the advertising avenues that will be most fruitful.

No Need for Fancy Intros, Let’s Dive Headlong Into Some Stats

In fact, there may be a need for a fancy intro. In that event, head over to our first ‘The Walking Dead’ entry here.

The data featured in this entry — viewable below — is but a minuscule sampling of the mountains of audience insights StatSocial provides. If you visit the site-proper by clicking our highlighted name in the previous sentence, you’ll get the bigger picture. If you reach out to us for a demo, you’ll be taught of the whole shebang. (Poking around the StatSocial blog here will teach you a thing or two as well.)

We have analyzed the fans of this lumbering (like a zombie, get it?), AMC TV behemoth, going through the thousands and thousands of its viewers who identify as having a decided affinity for one or more snack brand. Snacks they presumably consume while watching ‘The Walking Dead’ (fans of horror tend to have stronger stomachs).*

(*As what this sentence claims is a presumption and not statistically based, we should disclaim that it was solely for entertainment purposes.)

With the relevant data identified and gathered, we then calculated which delectables found the most pronounced favor among the noshing segment of ‘The Walking Dead’’s most faithful viewers.

Using 100 as our baseline, meaning the degree to which each snack can find admirers among the average American audience, we calculated which found loyal consumers among viewers of ‘The Walking Dead’ in quantities exceeding the average.

In other words, that most classic of snack foods, Cheetos — which by glancing below you’ll see tops the list — finds admirers among ‘The Walking Dead’’s fans to a degree exceeding the baseline by .4118 times.

Cheetos finds loyal customers among ‘TheWalking Dead’’s viewers to a degree that exceeds the U.S. average by .4118 times. Proud consumers of Slim Jim dwell among the ‘The Walking Dead’ faithful to a degree exceeding the average by .3821 times.

That Was Pretty Awesome, Thanks So Much For Sharing

Fans of these snacks love zombies, and zombies too love these snacks.

Oh my, how nice of you to say. We’re glad you enjoyed it. Oh wait, did I type that? Well, it was nice of me to say.

So we see that it IS easy to be cheesy (Cheetos’ slogan, not throwing shade) for fans of ‘The Walking Dead.’ Cheetos, an exceedingly popular snack food, finds favor among the program’s viewers to a degree that exceeds the American average by over one-and-two-fifths times.

The savory and classic jerky snack which is the Slim Jim finds considerable favor among this very popular show’s viewers. And quite right, too. It’s a tasty treat whether watching ‘Love, Actually’ or ‘The Beyond’ (if unfamiliar with the latter, don’t look it up).

As stated above, this is the tiniest hint of the insights we have on offer, regarding any insight about which you’re curious, or need definitive knowledge to gain a competitive edge.

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