#theduff vs. #hottubtimemachine2

Feb 20, 2015 | Insights

Two comedies hit theaters today, The Duff and Hot Tub Time Machine 2. We took a look at the users who were talking about the movies throughout the week to see who is excited for each.

The Duff:

There have been thousands of tweets using #theduff, the stars have even been active on social media promoting the film.

  • 82% of tweeters are women
  • 34% are between the ages of 18–24
  • This audience is 25x more likely to like Seventeen Magazine than the average Twitter audience
  • 20% of this audience like Bella Thorne
  • These tweeters are 28x more likely to like Robbie Amell than the average Twitter audience

Hot Tub Time Machine 2:

The movie has bought out the promoted hashtag of the day to help drive attendance and sales for opening weekend.

  • 60% of tweeters are women
  • 32% are between the ages of 25–34
  • Paramount Pictures is the 4th favorite brand of this audienc
  • This audience is 3.5x more likely to like Adam Scott than the average Twitter audience
  • Their favorite Tv Shows include Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, and Modern Family