There Will Be a Nugent: The 10 Musicians Whose Social Media Audiences are Most Down with Donald…

Sep 13, 2016 | Insights


The Top 10 Musicians Whose Audiences Show the Greatest Affinity for Donal Trump

More so than even any Nashville star, no mainstream musician is more closely identified with their conservative views, or their outspoken support of Trump’s candidacy, than the gentleman topping this list, The Motor City Madman is uninhibited in both speech and action, and everyone’s favorite crossbow brandishing, loin cloth wearing loudmouth, has made it quite clear he’s in the tank for The Donald.

BUT, really he’s tied for first place with another outspoken conservative. The nearly 80-year old Mr. Charlie Daniels, who uses his blog as the soap box from which he shares his views without apology; in fact he’s called his blog, ‘Soap Box’. While he has endorsed Trump, he has done so with slightly less vim than the Nooge. Nonetheless, his audience is massively on board with The Donald.

To we yanks, Charlie was basically a one hit wonder, an affable performer who told us all of the time the Devil challenged the wrong Georgian Johnny to a fiddle contest, and instead of leaving with Johnny’s soul  (in accordance with the terms of the wager) he bestowed upon Johnny a — in practical terms,  terrible sounding and unreasonably heavy — fiddle made of gold.

But take your dismissal of Mr. Daniels south of the Mason-Dixon line and you’ll find out that to this day, Daniels packs ’em in wherever he plays, a number of his songs radio standards for decades.

As for the Nooge, well he’s a man about whom there’s usually little mystery as to where he stands. The more impassioned among you — the sorts whose faces turn red at the mere mention of his name — should remember that he shoots his mouth off, in part, to rankle the left. It obviously amuses him, and it keeps his name in the papers.

His views are more nuanced than his most incendiary rhetoric might suggest.

Ted, for example, is an ardent nature conservationist. One of his biggest songs, which has been a highlight of his concerts for decades, is “Great White Buffalo,” and it speaks of the tragedy of the extinction of this beautiful animal by European fur traders. Ted sings these lyrics every night to this day.

The Indian needed food,
He needed skins for a roof.
But he only took what they needed
Millions of buffalo were the proof.

But then came the white man,
With his thick and empty head.
He couldn’t see past the billfold,
He wanted all the buffalo dead.

It was sad.

Of course, the “meat is murder” crowd wouldn’t exactly find that lyric heartening anyway. But, our point remains, that while he does take tremendous joy in trolling liberals, a lot of his rhetoric is hyperbolically inflammatory in the name of good old fashioned theater.

In the above photo, The Donald shows his appreciation both for the Nooge’s support, and for the scorching rendition of “Stranglehold” he’s laying down.

A member of another of the 1970s highest decibel acts, Kiss’ Gene Simmons, a former contestant on Celebrity Apprentice, finds himself on the list. The Israeli born bassist — best known for his blood-spitting, fire-breathing stage-craft — has not quite endorsed The Donald, he’s merely said that from knowing him personally, “what you see is what you get.” Elaborating that public Donald and private Donald are the same guy.

But a couple of days ago, Mr. Simmons — who like his fellow 70s rocker, Mr. Nooge, is famously no shrinking violet — said in an interview that when it comes to politics, celebrities should “shut their pie-holes.”

It’s not surprising that — for all the sturm und drang, and gargantuan pyrotechnic displays aside — fans of good ol’ American, meat and potatoes rock and roll would connect with The Donald’s sometimes populist message.

While this year’s RNC Convention had many memorable moments, the highlight for us was when an inexplicably 30-years younger Gene Simmons took the stage and gave us all our money’s worth with a fire-breathing display that had to have been one of his all-time best.

Trump’s list, unsurprisingly, is heavily populated by many of the biggest names in contemporary Nashville. Unsurprising as support for the GOP’s nominee, whomever he or she might be, has always been strong among that crowd.

Unabashed conservatives, such as Toby Keith (known for such songs as his post-9/11 anthem, Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue) are surely present and accounted for, but also on the list are the sorts who would likely just as soon steer clear of such controversy, like former American Idol winner, 22-year old Scotty McCreery.

And where are the rappers, StatSocial? Well, Christian rapper TobyMac — now 52-years old, and one of the founding members of the seminal Christian hip hop group DC Talk (who really did sell a whole lot of records) — is confidently on this list in the 6th place spot.

Seems there’d be no harm in embedding a TobyMac video right about here. Frankly, having watched a few of his videos now, he seems no different than most contemporary pop music.



Okay., between this and the Hillary entry we’ve seen who rocks the left and we’ve seen who rolls the right. What of the center? Who are the musicians whose audiences show no particular favor for either candidate.?

This list is awesome. That’s all we can say. These are the true 50 / 50s,

Back in the 90s, former Arkansas governor, Mike Huckabeee, famously a rock ’n’ roll fan and musician of a sort, as well as being a social conservative of some renown, in the 90s pardoned Keith Richards for a DWI offense from 1975. The Stones had avoided the state for years so Keef wouldn’t have to pay the piper, but Governor Mike — a big Stones fan — took care of it and pardoned Mr. Richards. We doubt this has anything to do with the above result (meaning, the Stones not residing comfortably to the left), but it seems an anecdote worth recounting.

During a rare campaign break, we see the candidates enjoy a concert by Nine Inch Nails, the longstanding act of producer/songwriter/singer Trent Reznor, a musician among whose audience the candidates find equal favor.

And in fairness, we’ll give you the top three closest, on the right and left side of the line.

On the Hillary side, the nearly evenly split, but slightly favoring Secretary Clinton:

Juanes, the Colombian rock superstar, may not be as well known to all reading, but he is a household name in the Spanish speaking world, and has been for many years.

And on the Donald side…

Adam Levine does share reality TV blood with The Donald, so that affinity makes sense. Bublé, a Canadian born, naturalized Italian citizen could be of any political persuasion for all we know, but his fans show a slight affinity for the Donald. Miley has described Mr. Trump as a “nightmare,” but she’s still her daddy’s little girl, and she’s still Hannah Montana, and we suspect there are those who are still holding out hope that this whole “individual expression” thing is just a phase.

Okay, we’ve shared enough for the moment.

And as we’ve said before, this really is just the tip of the iceberg, StatSocial indexes everything. And, we’ve only been looking at the data one way; simply in terms of raw percentages. Next week we’ll bring in our “multiple” metric (about which you can learn everything now, pretty much, by surfing around the greater StatSocial blog, as plenty of entries explain it).

We’ll give you this much of a sneak preview for next week…

Sports teams and magazines, And who knows what else?

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