Twitter Rolls Out New Features: Foursquare Powered Tweets, Auto Play Videos, Quality Filter

Mar 24, 2015 | Insights

In honor of Twitter’s 9th birthday, they have rolled out new features this week, we’ve summarized what you can expect to see in the social networking platform in the coming weeks.

Foursquare Powered Tweets

Twitter and Foursquare announced a partnership that will allow Twitter users to tag their exact location without using their precious 140 characters. This feature will work like other social network sites where a users can choose to add a location to the post. Users will also be able to search by location to see what others are saying about your favorite restaurant or store

Opt in location data is not ideal compared to the location data from a users phone, but it could give Twitter another layer for brands to target users that “check in” at their stores, restaurants, venues, etc.

Coming soon! We’re working with @foursquare so you can tag specific locations in Tweets: https://t.co/MwlLz5Pfvq pic.twitter.com/jATzXvbuV6

— Twitter (@twitter) March 23, 2015

Auto Play Videos on Devices

Ad Age reported that Twitter will soon start testing auto play videos in streams on your phone and iPad. This comes shortly after Twitter launched the ability to create videos through Twitter directly. This new feature will apply to vides your friends created and promoted tweets with videos from advertisers.

This is a needed approach when you think about how much content is consumed through videos these days.

Ad Age reported “In one prong of the experiment, some people will see entire videos automatically play in a loop, while in the other, users will see looping 6-second autoplay previews teasing a video, the person said. Both formats will play the videos on mute. If people click on either video format, the video will expand to full-screen and play with sound.”

Verified Users Can Now Hide Offensive Tweets

Users who are verified on Twitter can now turn on a “Quality Filter” which will hide tweets from your timeline that contain threats/threatening language, duplicate content or are sent from suspicious accounts.

This is a step in the right direction for Twitter as CEO, Dick Costolo, has admitted they don’t deal with trolls and abuse as well as they could. We may see less news stories about users trolling athletes, but Twitter may see more users as some celebrities have admitted quitting Twitter because of the negative comments