Whats New in Social Media

Jan 28, 2015 | Insights

Tuesday, January 27th, both Twitter and Snapchat unveiled new features on their social networks while Facebook and Instagram experienced outages that morning.


Group Messaging

Twitter is expanding its offerings to include private group messaging. Users were previously able to use Direct Messages to communicate privately with another user in the platform, but now you can chat with up to 20 users. This addition competes directly with Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, even Snapchat added a chat feature last year.


Users can now record and post 30 second videos right in the Twitter platform or upload a video to share from their phone. To view a posted video, a user must tap on the tweet-unlike Facebook’s posted videos that automatically start playing as you scroll through the newsfeed. Snapchat also lets users record and share videos for some time now to specific users and in their Snapchat Story.


Snapchat launched Discover, a new feature that allows publishers to display content, including videos, in a separate section in the app. A select group of publishers partnered with Snapchat for the debut including CNN, Cosmo, and Vice. With this new feature, Snapchat looks to compete with Facebook and Twitter as another source to consume brand’s content and set up itself for advertising.