Which Hotel Rewards Programs Are Best Suited to the Avid Skiier?

May 26, 2016 | Insights

While clearly an interpretation, we stand by our assertion that this is more or less what the average ski experience looks like to the passing observer.

Ah, the fluffy white powder, the ski bunnies (and, hey, let’s not forget the ski bucks), the days on end of excitement as you let gravity propel you toward certain doom down declines no man or woman was meant to even ever stand upon, much less slide down very quickly wearing nothing but planks of polished wood on his or her feet. And being cold. And falling a lot. And let’s not forget knee braces, and if you’re lucky knee surgery.

But there’s cocoa. And roaring fires. And personally we think goggles are cool.

But we kid, millions upon millions have found a justification for the hell that is winter, taking up a hobby that can only be done during Jack Frost’s brutal months. And they do it with competence, and derive from it enormous pleasure. Many are even what you might call addicted.

We here at StatSocial measure and analyze social audiences; meaning any group of individuals you could imagine lumping together in a social media context. Purveyors of certain traits, proponents of a certain hobby, fans or even detractors of a certain activity, and HEY even the members of a certain hotel’s rewards club. You know, the programs hotels and resorts offer which reward repeat visits and certain activities with points redeemable later — sometimes even at places other than the hotel itself — for even further visits, amenities, and activities.

(All of this information being of phenomenal value to anyone whose marketing plan has a social media element; which means pretty much everyone these days.)

Of the many things we can tell you about a social audience — ranging from the obvious age and location stuff, to favorite TV shows, breakfast cereals, or even museums — we can tell you about those who take part in a rich and varied array of travel habits. For the past few bunch of blog entries we’ve been showing you which of the country’s top hospitality rewards programs find the greatest favor with certain, specific types of travelers.

The chart above shows which of the country’s top rewards programs are most popular with skiers. With seven resorts in Colorado alone, all with nearby slopes and a focus on catering to the skier, Starwood’s first place finish is hardly a surprise. Starwood’s St. Regis Aspen Resort is an especially well regarded luxury spot for the serious ski enthusiast. Among rewards program perks are Starwood’s “ski butlers,” on hand assistants to get your ski and snowboard equipment to your chosen mountain. They will also, when necessary provide instruction.

But our number two rewards program does count among its properties such posh winer destinations as Park City Utah’s Waldorf Astoria — Park City. So posh, this blog entry’s author is pretty certain he’d never make it to the slopes, he’d be too busy enjoying the hotel.

To learn much more about StatSocial, the curious are encouraged to visit the StatSocial site itself, where you’ll find all sorts of stuff including sample reports.

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