Which Hotel Rewards Programs Are Most Popular With Family Travelers?

May 27, 2016 | Insights

Being in the business of analyzing social media audiences as we are — meaning we can tell you nearly any statistic you could imagine, about pretty much any group of individuals you could imagine grouping together in a social media setting; from fans, to those who use certain words, phrases, or hashtags, to those of a certain age, or those who ride a certain kind of bike. We are here to provide you any bit of information that might help a marketer communicate their social message to actual humans with purpose, instead of just guessing and hoping for the best.

Scouring every corner of the web and gathering every bit of info available on those who identify as being part of a given group, we can pretty much tell you everything else about them as well. And we do it all in a nifty, attractive, easy to read and navigate report. (See the bottom of this entry to learn more.)

Anyway, among the vast habits and characteristics we index are those related to travel. What we’ve been doing for the last bunch of entries is pairing certain kinds of travelers with which of the country’s top hotel rewards programs — you know, those who give you free stuff and perks if you keep using their hotels — they most favor.

We know of one kind of traveler who is both deserving of only pity and kindness, and yet is so seldom shown either.

Traveling with small children famously does little to endear you to either your fellow travelers nor, frankly, your child. Spouses also may end a flight heard to mumble things to one another they really can’t take back.

But sometimes you simply have to get the kid — and/or goodness help you, kids — from point A to point B. Having mostly been children ourselves at one time, we’ve really little right to complain too much.

Some hotel rewards programs offer whatever perks they can to diminish all suffering associated with the necessary transport of the individual you do actually love more than anything on Earth, despite all your best instincts.

Above are the top 6, and we have a tie for the top spot.

Topping the list is the Starwood Preferred Guest program, which covers Sheraton hotels, Westin Hotels, and other popular chains.

Glancing at the SPG Facebook page, we saw they tried to emphasize their family friendliness in relation to one promotion or another, by touting that, among other perks, “kids eat free.”

This is appealing as once one becomes a parent keeping your child and/or children alive is for at least the next 18 years your primary job. Any penny saved in that pursuit is appreciated in these tough times

Just brainstorming here, but to further alleviate the pressure of family travel we recommend a promotion where instead of eating, “kids roam free.”

Hear us out. This could also save your marriage.

The way it works is simple, parents are sequestered off on one island paradise, complete with paddle boats and a sundae bar, enjoying evening after evening as they might have done had they decided to never have children,

The kids are put on another island, one currently uncharted except by Starwood, and forced to fend for themselves, presumably, eventually developing some crude semblance of a society.

The friendships made during the “kids roam free” program will last a lifetime. How long the lifetimes last is frankly up to your kid.

As for Hilton, our other first place finisher, need we point out to you how well the Hiltons have treated their own children? Well, we suspect you can expect the same.

DISCLAIMER: Starwood is neither aware, nor in any way approving of, the “kids roam free” concept. However, if a Starwood rep sees this and is into it, it’s theirs. Gratis. A gift of StatSocial.

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