Which Hotel Rewards Programs Best Cater to the Business Traveler?

May 17, 2016 | Insights

If you’ve ever flown Business Class, then you know this sight well, as this is pretty much what every business class cabin looks like. Except for the speech bubble. We added that.

We’re all in business, well most of us are, to at least one degree or another. Some are retired, and for some there are various struggles which prevent business participation. For the moment, though, the vast majority of Americans still have jobs, and are therefore involved in some manner of business. Flipping burgers, however, is a business that tends to involve little need for hotel rewards. Just for clarity. A burger flipper may belong to multiple rewards programs, it’s just unlikely that they’re business related.

StatSocial the website on which you’ve found yourself, is in the business of analyzing social media audiences. Meaning, any group you can imagine throwing together in a social media context — fans, hobbyists, users of a certain phrase, members of a certain hotel’s rewards club (ahem) — we can tell you all about them. We even show you the data in a nice looking, well organized report (which will include countless pieces of info, from fave TV shows to favorite bloggers, from favorite kitchen cleansers to favorite museums… plus we can even tell you what kind of personalities they have). But you can learn more about that below.

We travel for work sometimes. A lot of people do.

Buying and selling big fancy things, for example, requires more face to face meetings out of town than, say, working at a toll booth. Even for all our electronically enhanced and immediate communication.

So, as a result, on any given Wednesday afternoon, in any airport or hotel lobby in America, you’re bound to see a man or woman in a suit, likely either on their laptop or incessantly checking their phone. They are wheeling and dealing, you see.

A lot of important things happen in our country as a result of the wheel and deal.

At the top of this entry is a chart, it is full of stats. StatSocial stats, in fact. It is a list of hotel rewards programs, each of which has a large and detailed segment which caters specifically to the business traveler. But Marriott may just be edging out the competition through their partnership with Visa and their Marriott Rewards® Premier Business credit card. The card boasts that if you spend $3k on it in your first three months, you get 80,000 points.

So? That’s an abstract. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!

Well, hold your horses. We looked into it and that IS a lot of points. Depending upon the Marriott at which you’re staying, points are earned from every $1-$4 you spend. And as with most programs, they’re redeemable through partnerships with airlines, for major upgrades at the hotels themselves, dinner at fancy restaurants, Broadway shows, etc.

Marriott has a similar partnership with Chase as well.

This blog’s author will add purely anecdotally that he’s been to more conferences, seminars, and meetings at Marriotts than any other chain. This is meaningless however, true or not. They do seem to particularly court and cater to the business crowd. The fact that they don’t just top this list, but statistically nearly render the remainder irrelevant surely supports that observation.

If your business makes you travel — and we don’t mean commuting, we mean staying in Cleveland overnight — see to it if they’re exploring and exploiting these programs.

To learn much more about StatSocial, the curious are encouraged to visit the StatSocial site itself, where you’ll find all sorts of stuff including sample reports.

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If you like what you’ve read, please take a few minutes to watch this overview of StatSocial’s data: