Which Hotel Rewards Programs Best Suit those Seeking Spa Treatment?

May 23, 2016 | Insights

While we’d have recommended against the black suit — as frankly, we’d imagine it’s a bit warm, in these circumstances — — our subject has all the same demonstrated beyond question her eligibility for this hotel’s spa privileges.

While its truest etymology is lost to the centuries and debated, it seems that the word “spa” very likely finds its origins in a Belgian town of the same name. In 16th century England, individuals believed to be suffering from an iron deficiency were sent to Belgium to drink from Spa’s iron rich springs.

True or not, it’s a good story. And it gets the point across that a spa is intended to be restorative.

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And that only hints at how granular the reporting gets, but you can learn more below. Back to the chart above, it shows, using out stats, America’s top hotel rewards programs best suited to the spa traveler.

Spas, of course, usually have little to do with Belgium — unless you happen to be in Belgium — and more suggest that you’re spending a decent chunk of change to be spoiled rotten for a few days, in the guise of being healthy. Or at least healthier than normal. Some are more restrictive, some more decadent, but generally a spa is a place few will protest going.

Starwood with its trendier chains, particularly Westin which emphasizes its features of that type, offers more spa services, and therefore more spa perks with its rewards programs. Westins even boast “in room spas.”

Wyndhams are more resorts, offering a vast array of activities and amenities, spa service being one of the more fundamental. So, again their high placement is not surprising.

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