Will Queen and Freddie Mercury See a Bump from the Honda Super Bowl Ad Featuring “Somebody to Love…

Feb 3, 2016 | Insights

This is the Super Bowl (clearly a past one, as we are not magic).

You’ll be seeing mention of this event a lot here (and truthfully elsewhere) over the next few days.

Below is Freddie Mercury, the sadly deceased and beloved lead singer of Queen, one of the most successful recording acts of all time.

And these? These are sheep.

What StatSocial can do, that no one else can, is tell you what — if anything — happens, who is most impacted, and whether it was all worth it, when these three disparate elements come together for 60 seconds of the year’s largest TV audience’s attention.

Honda have decided to pay the big bucks for Super Bowl commercial air time, Queen song rights, and pretty nifty CGI, to announce to the world the return of their Ridgeline trucks.

The clever folks over at the always creative RPA Agency concocted this unlikely and memorable stew, and we suspect people will respond in a big way. But only StatSocial will know for certain what people, and how big.

The whole commercial can be seen below.


We’ve singled it out for this entry — not just because it’s funny, or because we love Queen — but because it’s an excellent opportunity to show exactly what invaluable insights StatSocial can determine through our one-of-a-kind-analysis. Come back here after the big game, and we’ll tell you all sorts of stuff about this commercial’s performance — with whom it played best, what kind of people?, who else do those people like? we can also tell you who it possibly chased away; did it make a huge splash, or just a tiny ripple — come back throughout the week for all sorts of insights you won’t find anywhere else.

Starting from the basics; were people Tweeting about the ad, or Queen or Freddie, or sheep, or trucks, during the game. To the more curious, or extremely meaningful to the right marketer; were more Queen fans tweeting about the Ridgeline series.

And so we’re clear, this wouldn’t mean a whole lot unless we have pre-game statistics with which to compare and contrast. Of course we do.

Come back all week for many unique, yet invaluable angles on this, the media event of the year.

Oh, and while you should just go to YouTube and look the darn thing up yourself, it would be criminal to not embed this here: