Is Gaming the New Marketing?

Feb 12, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

Early this week, Dong Nguyen announced he was taking down the beloved “Flappy Bird” because it was addictive. Flappy Bird fans are still mourning.

Enter Fall Out Boy, the Heroes. The band has announced they will launch “Fall Out Bird” “once they get approval”. But they plan to launch the game on Google Play this week.

Fall Out Boy has produced a parody before, Fall Out Boy Trail, as a spoof of the ever-popular Oregon Trail.

Gaming has grown to be a diverse industry with smart devices including games, and gaming companies branching out to different products.

Fall Out Boy starts their “Save Rock and Roll” European Tour at the end of this month and their MONUMENTOR tour follows. Whether this increases ticket sales or album sales is doubtful but Fall Out Boy will be a name in the gaming industry.

This game was coded in 24 hours and pending approval is the only reason the game isn’t live. If approval processes for new games becomes easier and faster will creating games become a new marketing or real time marketing effort for brands to capitalize on?



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