Is Social Media Isolating Brands?

Mar 21, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

Rumors have been circulating that Twitter will slowly be removing “@” mentions and hashtags from the Twitter platform.

The reason for this change has been said to bring the content of a tweet forward to create a more meaningful experience to the Twitter user.

But what about brands?

Is Twitter isolating brands with this change? Many brand’s social strategies include creating a using a hashtag to easily track and measure brand mentions. With this change brands could easily discourage brands from using the platform and as a result, turn somewhere else.

Twitter is not the only one that may potentially be isolating brands from using their services, this week Facebook announced what many of us already knew, brands are going to have to pay to play. Those 35 million likes your community manager spent time acquiring, you can only reach about 2% of them.

Will these changes pressure brands to pay the fee, or will this isolate them and make it easier for them to utilize another platform?



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