StatSocial Opt Out Request Form

Questions: If you have any questions about this opt-out, contact us at optout@statsocial.com.
StatSocial’s Online Opt-Out Request Process is intended only for individual consumer use. Third Party Opt-Out services are prohibited from using this process.

StatSocial’s On-line Opt-Out Terms and Conditions

I hereby request that StatSocial remove data about me from their marketing data products.

I understand my request will be processed within two weeks after I respond to the confirmation email I will receive after my StatSocial Opt-Out request has been submitted.

I understand that consumer audience data in StatSocial’s existing products may have been provided to various marketers prior to this removal request and that those marketers may have marketing campaigns in progress that last for several months; therefore, I understand it may take some time before StatSocial’s removal of data about me becomes fully effective. I also understand that to complete my Opt-Out request online I must provide a valid email address.

Please add all variations of your name (i.e. nick names, former names, married name, common spellings/mis-spellings), all phone numbers, email addresses, P.O. Boxes and street addresses that you regularly use or are associated with, and which you would like added to the Opt-Out request, in the sections below.

I understand that the only use StatSocial will make of the information I am providing on this form will be for the purpose of removing data about me from StatSocial’s data products unless I indicate the information relates to a deceased individual.

I certify that the information provided below relates to a single identity that is one of the following: