Our Favorite Social Media Oscar Moments

Mar 3, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

Was it just us or were the Oscars the most social TV event we’ve seen?

Here are a few of our favorite Twitter moments:

1. Kristen Bell tweeted that she was carrying a burrito in her purse

Banana Republic seized this opportunity to promote their clutch and work it into their #truestyle campaign that day

2. Pharrell’s Hat is Back!

While Pharrell lost the hat for the red carpet, he brought it back for his performance. Pharrell had auctioned off the original fashion statement and early on Twitter, he thanked the buyer, Arby’s (who previously Tweeted about the hat) jumped right it stating they were happy to have their hat back. And Smokey the Bear got in on the social action too.


Who doesn’t love Ellen after last night. She ordered pizza for a select few stars which got all the brands talking

And she became the selfie queen, first taking a blurry selfie of her and the audience where she made a “hashtag blessed” joke and then taking what could possibly be the most famous star packed selfie there will ever be that broke twitter. Ellen broke Twitter. She also broke the record for most retweeted tweet to pass the Obama reelection tweet of over 2 million retweets (and still going!)



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