PeekAnalytics Featured as Top Social Media Application

Dec 30, 2013 | Audience Intelligence

We are honored to be featured as a Top Social Media App by Software Advice!

Software Advice, a company that reviews and compares social media technology, recently recognized PeekAnalytics as an innovator in the social media software market in a new interactive guide called The Social App Map.

The tool represents the culmination of about eight months of research into more than 120 top social media and social business applications. Lead analyst on the project, Ashley Verrill, selected 70 systems to include in the final guide. These come from five social media software categories, including: Social Media Monitoring, Social Media Management, Social CRM, Social Business Collaboration and Social Media Marketing & Advertising.

Products were evaluated according to how many standard features they include, the degree of innovation to their offering, as well as overall value for the cost of the system. The goal of the project was to provide software buyers a simple, yet effective tool for quickly narrowing their software search.

Verrill cited a few reasons for including PeekAnalytics in the project, but she was primarily impressed with it’s comprehensive audience reporting tools. Users can instantly capture a 360 degree view of their audience, enabling social media marketers to improve the effectiveness of their targeting.

“Social data is not inherently valuable. What makes it valuable is the ability to synthesize and quickly extract meaningful insights. PeekAnalytics provides this capability in one, highly-intuitive tool. For that reason, it was an obvious standout for me,” Verrill said.

Social App Map Home Screen

To use The Social App Map, simply click on any logo on the home screen and a box will pop up with more information on that system. Or, you can click the “Filter” button and a drop-down menu will appear with options for parring down the results. There, you can check off various standard social app features and every app, but those with the selected features, will disappear.

The Social App Map Filter

In addition to being recognized for “Analytics,” PeekAnalytics is also listed for its “Social Performance Reporting” and “Audience Targeting” capabilities. Click here to test out the free tool now.



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