PeekAnalytics Follower Report Media Roundup

Aug 3, 2011 | Audience Intelligence

We here at PeekYou have had a hectic couple of days, abundant in opportunities to share with the world some of the capabilities of our very soon-to-be-launched PeekAnalytics service (click through to sign up for our beta and to get notified when we are launching).

You can catch up on what we’ve taken to calling “Follower Gate” here, and learn a bit more about PeekAnalytics here.

Anyway, the upshot of all this activity has been a nice amount of national coverage for PeekYou, with numerous quotes from our CEO Michael Hussey, and our GM of Product Josh Mackey to be found throughout.

Here is a roundup of all the Follower Gate articles to mention PeekYou, so far:


Gawker (update)


Time Magazine

Washington Post

CBS News

ABC News

Rolling Stone

The Daily Beast


International Business Times

Washington Examiner

Daily Caller

Global Post

We will be posting more stories as we see them come through, and we hope to advance the discussion as best we can. Remember, while the media may be playing the role of stating that 92% of Newt Gingrich’s followers are fake, we take the stance that we have been able to identify 8% of his followers as individuals who are publicly identifiable with a robust digital footprint across the public web. There is a profound difference in approaching this subject through the lens of focusing on publicly identifiable individuals, as we have done, and the benefits of doing so will be made evident with our new PeekAnalytics product. We’ve maintained that the other 92% may contain spam/bots, but may also contain individuals who choose to remain anonymous (i.e. not using a real name on Twitter), individuals who are completely private, and businesses who tweet from a business account.

– The PeekYou.com Team



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