Real Time Marketing & the Oscars

Mar 3, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

For major TV events, like award shows, social teams are standing by looking for opportunities to jump in the conversation. The challenge is that with the majority of brands executing this “real time marketing”, how do you not get lost in the noise.

We recapped some of the best and worst real time marketing efforts

Dominos started off the day with a pizza red carpet. Little did they know they would get the marketing chance of a lifetime during the show

Arby’s and Smokey the Bear were able to be relevant thanks to Pharell’s infamous hat

Auto brands Mercedes and Cadillac made an effort to compare their products with the award winners

A few brands capitalized on the big hit Gravity, including NASA

Southwest tried to take advantage of Oscar winner Frozen

Pizza companies went crazy after Ellen decided to order pizza for a lucky few

Some brand tried to create their own awards like JCPenney and Panera

While others focused on the red carpet

Miller Lite was lucky Matthew McConaughey gave a shout out in his acceptance speech

What were your favorite Real Time Marketing moments?



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