Recap of CES 2014

Jan 15, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

CES was held last week in Las Vegas to reveal new consumer electronic products. We tracked the hashtag #CES2014 to see who was posting about the event. Although, there were over 90K tweets during the conference, only 49% were unique users.

There was a 70/30 split between males and females talking about the conference. When we break it down by age, the women tend to skew slightly older than then men.

The industry this audience works in is not surprising, with the top three being Software, Technology, and Media.

However, the top three interests for this audience were Sports, Politics, and Movies.

This is a socially connected audience; with the main platform (outside of twitter) being Facebook. And Google+ being the platform this audience is more likely than the average Twitter user to use.



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