Rick Pitino Makes a Bold Statement About Social Media

Feb 18, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

Twitter exploded last night after NCAA National Championship coach, Rick Pitino, voiced his opinion of social media. While he did specify those social media users in sports, he made a bold statement claiming social media users are “underachievers” and that they don’t pay attention to what they should be.

To clarify, Pitino explained social media users could be reading something more beneficial than negative tweets about themselves or their program.

We have seen social media disasters in sports (Manti T’eo) and other industries (Justine Sacco). There are twitter rants by fans after a bad game and consumers after poor customer service.

Some coaches and companies try to avoid social media altogether banning players and employees from using social. Social media is not going away, coaches and employers should be educating and encouraging athletes and employees to use social media to benefit them and the company.

And how can these people make a stand when they aren’t even using social?

We all use social in the same way, to build our personal brand, promote our team’s brand, and just to make people smile. We’ve seen the power of social media, the good and the bad. We can no longer afford to avoid social, those in positions to educate and encourage positive social presence should do so because we’ve all seen a negative experience cost someone a draft spot, or a job.

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