Season 9 Premiere of NBC’s #TheVoice

Sep 22, 2015 | Audience Intelligence

Season 8 of NBC’s The Voice premiered Monday night, welcoming back coach Gwen Stefani. The show is always big on social especially when it get to the voting rounds. We analyzed the conversation around the premiere of Season 9 to see who tuned in this year.

Key Findings:

-69% women

-30% teenagers

-45% like Blake Shelton

-25% like Maroon 5

Audience Breakdown:

Most of the social audience were women (69%) and almost one third of the audience were teenagers. The top cities that tuned in were NYC, LA, Chicago, Miami, and Nashville. This audience is big into country music as that is there #1 interest and Blake Shelton is their favorite celebrity. They are also 26x more likely to like Country Magazine and the Grand Ole Opry. Kohls has been a long time sponsor of the show and the partnership seems to be working as Kohls is in the Top 100 brands and this audience is 17x more likely to like Kohls.



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