Social Media & Advertising Enter Basketball

Mar 20, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

In the spirit of the NCAA Tournament, we took a look at how social media and advertising are making their way into basketball.

University of Michigan:

University of Michigan is making strides in the social space with the efforts from both, faculty and students. One effort this season was utilizing social media in their sports department, specifically their basketball team, placing their twitter handles on their warm ups.



It was recently announced that advertisers won’t have to sit on the bench during an NBA game; they will have a presence on player’s jerseys. NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, stated advertising on jerseys is “inevitable”. Jerseys already have the logo of the manufacturer of the uniform but now sponsors will be able to place their logo on player’s jerseys “within the next 5 years”.

March Madness:

March Madness is now underway games and potential perfect brackets are being watched. For those of us streaming the games online through NCAA.com, Coke Zero has sponsored a Social Arena where users can see tweets about the specific game they’re watching and a national map to see where tweets are coming from.

From ncaa.com
From ncaa.com

Coke Zero has also started a campaign using the hashtag #proveit for users to showcase their fandom and commitment to the tournament.



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