Social Times: Sqeeqee Aims to Find Out If ‘Social Networthing’ Is Really Possible

Mar 19, 2015 | Audience Intelligence

StatSocial’s CEO, Michael Hussey, recently quoted in Adweek’s SocialTimes about new social sites taking on the concept of ‘social networthing’

There seems to be a fundamental disconnect about why people use social networks. The CEO of Bubblews (Arvind Dixit) says, “People aren’t the product, people are the power.” I think he’s wrong. People and the lives they share with their networks are indeed the product. The power is in the platform that enables it all.

Facebook and Twitter are successful at selling advertising because they are incredibly powerful communications tools that people want to use — not vice-versa. The primary reason people use these networks is not to make money — it’s to make their lives more enjoyable and efficient

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