StatSocial’s New HQ — WTC1 NYC

Feb 24, 2020 | Press

One World Trade Center, StatSocial’s new home. You will find us on the 85th floor.

2019 was StatSocial’s biggest year to date, and we rang in 2020 knowing that we’d be surpassing it. A bigger, better StatSocial called for an upgrade in corporate HQ, and commanded a view from our offices sufficiently spectacular to match our outlook as we march into the new decade.

After many happy years in Manhattan’s colorful Garment District, we’ve moved our operations downtown, to the city’s Financial District. Our new address is one no less distinguished than One World Trade Center. It’s quite easy to remember, and locate.

With the move downtown has come a simultaneous and dramatic move skyward. From where we’re now sitting, on the 85th floor, one need never search long for inspiration, as it can be found in the view from every window.

Keep scrolling to get a glimpse of what we now get to see every day. We’re pretty sure we’re going to like it here.

Our founder and president, Michael Hussey, taking in the view from the 85th floor, on February 4, our first full day in the new digs.
The magnificent nighttime view from StatSocial’s new HQ.
Assorted office and building interiors.
Variations on the “outstanding view” theme.

And finally, if you’d like to see what we’re now seeing, in real time, try jumping in on the live stream below. Enjoy the majesty of our gorgeous city, as we now see it daily from our beautiful new offices.

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