Super Bowl Ads: Is It Worth It?

Jan 24, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

Today, Forbes published an article that reveals the dollar value of a Super Bowl ad has decreased again this year. As the cost to air a 30 second commercial rises, the Super Bowl is the most profitable sporting event.

The average cost for a 30 second ad this year is $4 million, making advertisers question if producing a Super Bowl ad is worth the investment when the audience per ad dollar is dropping.

USA Today’s Admeter is going a step further to evaluate the commercials this year. They plan to breakdown the audience by demographics, to evaluate which commercial resonated with each audience segment.

The saying “It’s not about counting the people you reach, it’s about reaching the people that count” could not apply more to the marketing industry today. There are multiple channels to reach consumers, a company has to choose which are the most valuable.

Sources: Forbes: Super Bowl Audience Down 84% Per-Ad-Dollar Since 1967

USA Today: USA Today Expands Super Bowl Ad Meter



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