Techcrunch Disrupt San Francisco: #TCDisrupt

Sep 23, 2015 | Audience Intelligence

Techcrunch hosted their annual San Francisco Disrupt event to talk about the future of the tech industry.

Key Findings:

– 69% mean

– 30% are between 35–44

– 35% earn over $100K

– 37x more likely to be interested in Hedge Funds

– 54% like Techcrunch

Audience Breakdown:

The disrupt audience is mostly wealthy older men. The top city they reside is San Francisco but also live in all the major cities- NYC, Chicago, Washington DC. Not surprisingly this audience is interested in all things tech and business including Marketing, Investors/Patents, andHedge Funds. The top brands of this audience include AOL, Google, TED, Microsoft, and Entrepreneur Magazine. They are 35x more likely to like IBM, 32x more likely to like Medium, and 10x more likely to like Mother Jones.



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