The Huffington Post Features PeekAnalytics’ National “Burger Map”

Jul 10, 2013 | Press

Recently, the PeekAnalytics team compiled a massive report, tracking Twitter mentions of the nation’s various hamburger chains from throughout the month of June. Through this report, a very compelling picture is provided of regional fast food preferences. The folks over at The Huffington Post have written a terrific feature highlighting the report.

Here’s an excerpt:

In the month of June, there were nine million tweets about burger chains. If we break that down to one tweet per person, that means that nearly three percent of the population of the U.S. tweeted about burgers. Let’s just let that sink in for a second — well, ignoring the fact that it’s possible that some people tweet a lot about burgers while others don’t at all.

Feel better after that deep breath? Okay, good. Peek Analytics, which runs all sorts of data reports on tweets, decided to take a close look at all this online burger talk. The company zeroed in on the top 20 burger chains to figure out what was the most popular on Twitter in over 12,000 cities and towns across the U.S.

Since the company was only analyzing mentions, it did not discriminate between positive and negative tweets. In other words, if someone tweeted something negative about McDonald’s, that tweet still contributed to McDonald’s overall popularity in a given city.

The most tweeted about chain was in fact, McDonald’s. It was followed by Wendy’s and Burger King, which is consistent with other findings.

If you take a look at the entire map of the U.S., here’s how the burger landscape looks — there’s a lot of golden arches.

Head on over to The Huffington Post and check out the full feature here.



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