The Social Demographics of Baseball Fans

Mar 19, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

March 18th, USA Today Tweeted a “snapshot” of the demographics of baseball fans highlighting four metrics; Wealthiest Fans, Most College Students, Most Hispanic Fans, and Most Millennial Fans.

From: USA Today

We ran reports on the Red Sox (@redsox), the Giants (@SFGiants), and the Cubs (@cubs) to see how our metrics compared.

The Giants were ruled to have the Wealthiest fans, our reports indicate the top three industries followers of @SFGiants work in are Real Estate, Internet, and Technology and 22% make over $100K.

Followers of @RedSox worked in Law, Insurance, and Fashion while 24% made over $100K.

Followers of @Cubs worked in Software, Education, and Retail and 22% made over $100K.

The Red Sox were reported to have the most college students as fans. Our reports indicate 20% of Red Sox followers are 18–25. Nineteen percent of Giants followers was between 18–25 and 18% of Cubs followers were between 18–25.

The Cubs were said to have the most millennial fans. Our reports concluded Cubs have 56% millennial followers, Red Sox, 54%, and Giants, 53%.



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