Twitter Launches Live-Streaming Video App, Periscope

Mar 26, 2015 | Audience Intelligence

Twitter acquired Periscope in January and just launched a live streaming video app in the app store Thursday morning.

Periscope allows users to broadcast live video to anyone online, share it through Twitter, or select only a certain group of people to be able to view it. After users view your Periscope video, they can comment or “heart” it. The major difference is that Periscope videos are saved and can be viewed again whereas, their competitor, Meerkat, does not allow you to view the video again. This trend of disappearing content is appealing to our culture and it’s the characteristic that has allowed Snapchat to grow its user base as much as it has. Other apps like CyberDust have found success with the same concept.

Meerkat’s launch was strategic, they reached out to innovators, they debuted their app before SXSW-the biggest technology and entertainment conference of the year-and gained about 100,000 users. Twitter didn’t launch Periscope in such a grandiose way but could, and needs to, capitalize on the “late” adopters to embrace their service.

Although Meerkat hasn’t been around long, influential people and brands have joined, we’ve already turned meerkat into a verb and created “meerkasting”. But Twitter has limited what information they now have access to so only time can tell who will be the go-to video broadcasting app.



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