Under the Hood-Ghostery

Jan 14, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

Here are some insights from our VP of Business Development, Kaitlin, on how she uses the Google Chrome plug-in, Ghostery, to help her research companies.

Ghostery is owned by Evidon and shows which cookies are being dropped on you as a user. You have the ability to opt-out of a cookie. You also can whitelist yourself from a site and browse cookie-less.

The purpose of that cookie is to tell the teams on the other end how you, as a user, interact with a site. It tracks your movement within another company’s ecosystem, to make sure that the user experience is tailored to you.

Now how does a browser plug-in help you research a company?

You can use the Ghostery plug-in to look into their strategy and what brand alliance a company has; if a company uses Pardot, you know that they probably are Salesforce users.

Knowing which tools that a company is using on the other side, helps you understand how to look at a company on a macro and micro level. For example, if you speak with Marketing for a discovery call, you already know how to tailor many of the questions that you need because you were already shown their cards within Ghostery.

Ghostery is an easy tool to understand how companies, from publishers to B2B sites work. And the more cookies to make your user experience exceptional , the better for customer retention.



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