Up & Coming from NY Tech Meetup

Feb 5, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

At the February New York Tech Meetup, multiple companies took the stage to demonstrate their new product in the industry.

First up was Birdi, a home device that monitors air quality and home safety. Birdie connects an app to the device that notifies your phone when there is a problem in your home, like a fire or carbon monoxide leak.

Birdi informs you about the air quality inside your home and provides you with tips to improve it.

Uncharted Play is reinventing the way we play. They invented, Soccket, a soccer ball that creates and stores kinetic energy to later power lamps. Their team has spent years traveling around to third world countries, where their product would benefit the community the most, to develop their product. When they were testing their product, a boy in Nigeria was able to hack the device to improve the flashlight capabilities. Uncharted also has a jump rope in the works.

Confide is the Snapchat for business. An app that allows people to send text messages that are then erased. This app limits the amount of the message the receiver can see at a time so talking a screen shot of the message is harder. If a user does attempt to screen shot the message, the sender is notified and the user is kicked out of the app. Confide was developed for business referrals, to ensure a message is not forwarded, and any time your first reaction is “I’ll just call you”.



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