Value of the Static Audience

Feb 11, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

Insights from our VP, Business Development, Kaitlin Atkinson:

After running hundred of thousands of Follower Reports in the past year, we have been able to see the value of the static audience that follows a Twitter handle.

Currently the industry sees Twitter data as an engagement data set with peak times and total audience tweets and retweets. Twitter data is a rat race- a treasure trove of behavioral data. The sprint to the highest peak consistently is tracked second over second and as quickly as the audience is formed, is disentagrates like a house of cards.

Twitter audiences become almost unattainable entitites.

Often forgotten is the power of the static audiences- the brand loyalists, the diehard fans, the lovers of social genius- the sticky ones.

Let us define the static audience. The static audience is a company’s earned media. If someone tweets to a hashtag, doesn’t actually mean that he likes the company. It could be white noise. But a follower of a Twitter handle that stays week over week , has value to a brand’s equity.

When building out your social profiles, always remember the marathon static audience members- the ones who are loyal . You can build campaigns specifically for them. You can even awaken their engagement with target hashtags that will make them re-engage with your Twitter handles.

Those followers are the ones that you can engage and ultimately, never churn away.


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