Wearable Tech is Becoming Wearable

Feb 24, 2014 | Audience Intelligence

Wearable tech is not only the new craze, the new look on the runway at New York Fashion Week, it’s the industry expected to grow 350%. There are currently 118 wearable teach devices on the market right now

Fitness bands have been the consumer’s choice to start this trend. Google Glass has created lots of buzz around the industry and made its debut in sports and in travel companies.

Now the fashion industry is turning wearable to serve another purpose, self-protection. CuffLinc, is making jewelry that contains an alarm to alert friends and family you are in a dangerous situation. CuffLinc works with an app that you can choose which family and friends are in you “protection circle”, these are the people that get the alert when you set off the alarm on the jewelry that you are in a potentially dangerous situation.

Will this start a new trend of wearable tech that is focused on the “wearable” part of wearable tech?



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