Who Wants An NFL Christmas?

Dec 23, 2013 | Audience Intelligence

This week, @NFL wanted to know what they could get their fans for Christmas by asking fans to tweet using #AllIWantForNFLChristmas. Since NFL tweeted out the hashtag, there have been 943 mentions through last Friday.

Out of the users that used the hashtag, it’s no surprise the majority of them, 76%, were male with the majority of users, 70%, falling in the 18–25 year old age range.

What does differ slightly between gender, is the age breakdown. While the majority of male users all of the female users were 18–25, 38% of males ranged from 26–55.

Which fan base wants a NFL Christmas? Seattle, New York, and Houston were equally represented. Lugoff, South Carolina and Russell, Kansas were also represented, the question is, were the users from Lugoff wishing for a Panthers or Falcons Christmas?

As expected, these users are most interested in sports, but they were also interested in cooking, education, and science-not exactly what you think of a typical football fan.



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