Transform Influencer Marketing With Silhouette™ by StatSocial

Step 1 of a successful influencer campaign is partnering with the right influencer. Step 2 is having the right tools to measure sales impact. Stop looking to vanity metrics and start looking to social audience insights.

Identify Influencers Your Audience Already Engages With

You don’t need to partner with expensive celebrities to attract new customers. Using Silhouette, identify and rank influencers based on who your audience actively engages with.

Validate Existing Influencer Partnerships

Influencer management and listening tools rely on follower counts and engagement metrics to identify influencers. Validate existing influencer partners by digging into their follower’s interests, passions, brand affinities, and more.

Calculate Influencer ROI

Vanity metrics indicate content quality, not sales impact. Analyze influencer audiences and map engagements back to actual individuals and offline identities. Send audience and purchase data to third-party attribution systems to understand sales impact pre and post campaign.

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The StatSocial Difference

Unlike other platforms that focus purely on social listening or capture social audience insights on Twitter alone, StatSocial’s patented Identity Graph maps over 1.3 billion social and community accounts to 300 million verified identities. Using Silhouette’s taxonomy of 95,000+ segments, you can create audiences based on their unique interests, passions, and personality traits in just a few clicks, fueling market research and paid media to influencer attribution and social retargeting. 

StatSocial data is sourced from public social data, does not rely on third-party cookies and is CPRA, CCPA and GDPR compliant. 

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Digital Media Planning Needs More Than Intuition, Demographics and Engagement Data

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