Deeply Understand Consumers for Enhanced Targeting & Measurement

Gain a competitive edge by incorporating thousands of self-declared insights for any brand or consumer audience into your marketing programs, from research and go-to-market activities to communications and paid media programs.

Access the Industry’s Leading Social Audience Insights Platform, Silhouette™


Access Social Data for Consumer Research

Discover, analyze, and compare niche consumer audiences within Silhouette for valuable insights that will guide future go-to-market decisions and activities. 

Measure the Impact of Social Campaigns

Survey the social audiences exposed to and engaged with your influencer or marketing campaigns to understand the effects on brand health post campaign or over time.

Build Custom Audiences for Social Listening

Create and export custom audiences from Silhouette to your social listening platform for monitoring, or import social handles for deeper audience analysis.

Gain a Holistic Understanding of Customers

Upload customer data directly into Silhouette to analyze their unique interests, affinities, and preferences, or enrich CRM and first-party data outside of the platform.

Our Solutions

Consumer Insights &
Media Planning

Bring comprehensive data to your channel and media planning process including your audience's media preferences spanning traditional media outlets, niche podcasts, and preferred influencers.

Influencer Insights

Implement an audience-first approach to influencer validation, then identify the audiences exposed to your influencer campaigns to launch next generation brand lift studies and prove ROI impact.

Brand Measurement

Take action on self-declared audience data, sourced from major social media channels, to better understand relevant brand audiences and measure campaign impact on overall brand health.

Connected Audience Data

Leverage future-proof data to run high impact campaigns through the creation of custom seed audiences for modeling and seamless activation across consumers’ preferred media channels.


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Digital Media Planning Needs More Than Intuition, Demographics and Engagement Data

The Audience Intelligence Solution You Need to Truly Understand Your Consumers

The Data You Need for Accurate Media Planning: Social Audience Insights

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