Silhouette™ by StatSocial

Silhouette™ is the industry’s first audience intelligence platform for characterizing and reaching anonymized personas based on earned media consumption, influencers, passions, personalities, and interests. Silhouette™ uses social data to deliver highly deterministic, actionable insights, and media campaigns across any persona or intended audience.


Silhouette™ solves the problem of measuring social influencer campaigns by connecting social content engagement with actual company revenue and other business outcomes. For the first time ever, brands are now able to turn their market research, marketing personas and surveys into highly scalable and addressable audiences.

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Recently we unveiled something brand new for StatSocial — B2B data married to our patented identity graph, made available through our audience intelligence platform Silhouette. The resulting insights are ready to be leveraged across our key use cases (insights,...

Identity Graph

At the core of Silhouette™ is a social identity graph of more than 1.2 billion profiles sourced from 60 different platforms and more than a million websites, 300 million individual email accounts, and more than one billion IP addresses and mobile devices. All of these accounts are linked and correlated using Silhouette’s patented ‘Identity Graph’ algorithms to unique identities that together cover more than 70% of US households.


Silhouette™ evaluates each of the identities using a broad taxonomy that includes more than 85,000 segments. The categories in the taxonomy include earned media content consumption, influencers, consumers brand preferences , interests, IBM Watson Personality Insights, and passions. Silhouette’s taxonomy methodology is more powerful than an 85,000-question survey because it is available at a vastly greater scale. Silhouette’s taxonomy reflects actual consumer choices and behaviors, and the underlying data is regularly updated to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

Audience Builder

Our Audience Builder forms a Silhouette™ of your ideal audience — the audience is anonymized yet full of the most import elements of your persona. Virtually any set of criteria can be used to find an audience — a capability we call ‘Build your own persona’. This is particularly useful for brands that have developed proven audience personas using internal marketing research and wish to scale their audiences across a large identity set. Similarly, brands can provide a set of identities to Silhouette™ and its algorithms will first determine one or more personas for the set based on their social interests and then find larger audiences with similar interests.

Audience Intelligence Platform

Silhouette™’s interface helps deliver meaning to your audiences across a variety of marketing use cases. Research teams can better understand customers, markets and trends. Marketing teams can use it to hone in on the perfect audience for marketing campaigns and understand what message will resonate the most. Communuications teams can determine what influencers actually matter and what their audiences are really interested in. Audiences are indexed across the Taxonomy that easily points out key insights. The Insight Interface can be used in Excel, cross-tabbed and/or imported via API.

Audience Connect

Silhouette’s™ comprehensive affinity, social, influencer, and earned media taxonomy is readily available across every major programmatic data platform. In addition to our highly performing standard audiences, we are experts at something we call BYOP (“Bring Your Own Persona”) and can easily place your custom persona or passion audience in your platform of choice. You define the target audience across any demographic, personality, and passion, and we’ll provide your custom audience at scale wherever it needs to be delivered. We have yet to encounter an audience we can’t build at scale and often connect market research with scalable audiences.

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