Audience Data You Can Trust

First-party data isn’t enough. StatSocial delivers accurate, deterministic social audience data at scale so you can take your marketing campaigns to the next level.

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Gain a Single View of Your Customer

At the core of Silhouette™ is StatSocial’s patented Identity Graph, mapping over 1.5 billion social accounts to 300 million verified individuals. No other solution can deliver you a single view of your customer’s interests, passions, and affinities to power your nurture campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle.

Get Campaigns Up & Running Quickly

Silhouette’s taxonomy of 95,000+ proprietary segments reflects actual consumer choices and behaviors including their demographics, preferred earned media channels, most engaged influencers, and more. Using our full taxonomy, you can build your most personalized campaigns in just a few clicks.


Better understand your buyers and the topics, influencers, and thought leaders that are most likely to impact their decision-making through unique social insights.


Take action on audience data that does not rely on cookies or mobile device IDs, and has been sourced in compliance with all privacy regulations and guidelines.


Overcome the limitations inherent in data modeling by creating audiences using our regularly updated, deterministic insights across 300 million individuals.


Don’t let bot accounts skew your audience insights, but rely on a comprehensive dataset based on real individuals that is updated in real-time.