Access Robust & Future-Proof Audience Data You Can Trust

StatSocial enables a highly targeted approach to audience profiling, segmentation, and analysis, without sacrificing data compliance and privacy.

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Gain a more accurate understanding of your target audiences by utilizing StatSocial’s self-declared social audience data, which is linked to verified social accounts and free from the interference of bot accounts that can skew your results.


Overcome the limitations inherent in data modeling by creating audiences using our regularly updated, self-declared insights across tens of millions of real individuals.


Take action on audience data that has been sourced in compliance with today’s privacy regulations and guidelines

Free of third-party cookies, device IDs or iOS/Android devices

Sourced from publicly available data across major social platforms

Mapped to partner panels and StatSocial’s own panel to maintain a database of consented individuals

Enables CCPA and GDPR compliant use cases and methodologies