The StatSocial Difference

Unlike other audience insights vendors that source their data from social listening or Twitter alone, StatSocial’s social audience insights platform, Silhouette™, is unique in its ability to capture self-declared audience data from major social platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, TikTok, and more.

The Only Platform to Deliver a Holistic View of Social Audiences

StatSocial’s patented Identity Graph enables marketers to connect the dots between billions of social accounts across major social platforms to millions of verified individuals.

A Future-Proof Solution for Audience Insights & Targeting

StatSocial’s data is built without a reliance on cookies or device IDs, providing marketers with confidence that they are prepared for today’s constantly evolving privacy laws and regulations.

A Connected Data Source that Breaks Down Department Silos

Silhouette enables data integrations across marketing and research teams to ensure consistency in consumer insights, cross-channel targeting, and overall go-to-market initiatives.