Connected Audience Data

With StatSocial’s Silhouette™ platform, integrate your earned, social, and influencer audiences into the rest of your marketing and paid programs, while leveraging unique insights about them for more data-driven messaging and media placements.

Take Action on Earned, Social & Influencer Audiences

Reach and retarget any custom audience including earned, social, and influencer audiences by seamlessly building, analyzing, and activating relevant segments across the digital ecosystem.

Build Seed Audiences for High-Impact Campaigns

Create custom seed audiences within Silhouette for modeling, then activate against the lookalike audience to fuel compliant campaigns that will drive results.

Build Lookalike Audiences from First & Third-Party Data

Upload customer and third-party data, survey panel data, or even Twitter IDs from your preferred social listening tool to model off of, then target at scale.

Uncover Key Audience Insights to Create Highly Personalized Campaigns

Analyze any brand, competitor, influencer, or consumer audience within Silhouette to identify their preferred media channels and the messaging that is most likely to resonate.

The StatSocial Difference

Enhance ad effectiveness and performance by harnessing self-declared social audience data for advanced profiling and segmentation


Leverage future proof, compliant audience data without reliance on third-party cookies or device IDs

Upload your highest quality data sources into StatSocial’s Silhouette platform in order create highly targeted marketing campaigns that convert

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Consumer Insights
& Media Planning

Conduct consumer centric research and gain thousands of panel insights by leveraging the industry’s largest collection of self-declared social audience data.


Take an audience first approach to influencer partnerships, then identify those exposed and engaged to measure brand lift and influencer marketing ROI.


Build and analyze any custom audience’s self-declared interests, affinities, and preferences to fuel marketing campaigns and brand measurement.


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Integrate Social Audiences Into Your Marketing & Paid Initiatives

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