Silhouette™ by StatSocial

Understand who your customers are and how to best engage them using the industry’s only Audience Insights Platform that can deliver a complete picture of audience interactions across major social and community platforms.

Silhouette Features


  • Leverage Audience Builder’s easy-to-use UI to create audiences from our database of over 1.5 billion social accounts and 300 million verified identities.
  • Segment audiences across 95,000 taxonomies or create custom audiences that overlap with any industry, trend, or brand.


  • Index your audience against any custom baseline you choose including geography, demographic data, or even another audience. 
  • Discover what is unique about your audience, what they are passionate about, what drives their decision-making, and how to effectively reach them.


  • Find the individuals that most closely match your buyer personas and scale audience reach in seconds. 
  • Upload your first-party data into Silhouette for audience analysis and expansion within the platform.


  • Send audience data across the digital ecosystem for retargeting on paid media, OTT, mobile, email, and more. 
  • Overlay social audiences with market research panels for survey targeting and expanded insights, or with third-party purchase data for attribution analysis.

How Silhouette Works