Silhouette™ Spotlight: Who Are The Consumers Buying LaCroix?

Jun 21, 2024 | Audience Intelligence

Back in 2008, StatSocial’s content creator, Justina, studied abroad in Italy where restaurants offered “acqua frizzante”—aka sparkling water—more frequently than distilled, a novel concept for an American at the time.

Fast-forward to today, it’s not uncommon to find brands like LaCroix (one of today’s top-selling sparkling water brands in the US) stocked on the refrigerator shelves of Gen Z and Millennial homes.

Here at StatSocial, we’re not just marketers, we’re data nerds. So we turned to our consumer insights platform, Silhouette, to surface detailed insights about La Croix enthusiasts—faster than you can say “acquia frizzante”.

About Silhouette

Before we dive into LaCroix’s biggest fans and buyers, it’s important we shed some light on Silhouette’s capabilities.

Silhouette is the industry’s only consumer insights platform to provide self-declared insights on any consumer, brand or social audience across major social channels. In other words, while other platforms might capture consumer insights from Twitter/X alone, Silhouette captures insights from Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter/X, TikTok, and Twitch, and beyond, delivering a holistic understanding of any audience’s:

  • Prominent personas
  • Media preferences 
  • Favorite influencers
  • Brand affinities
  • Social media preferences
  • Key interests & passions
  • Personality traits
  • Political leanings

LaCroix Sparkling Water Consumers: Who Are They?

1. Dynamic Persona Clusters

Buyer personas are crucial for crafting personalized experiences, but are often pieced together using fragmented, siloed, and sometimes outdated data. Plus, consumers are ever evolving, meaning your personas need to be updated every 6 months to a year. With Silhouette, you gain access to the most current insights across any audience, effortlessly understanding the nuances and key distinctions between major consumer groups.

LaCroix’s audience is made up of 4 different buyer personas, the vast majority being “Healthy Hipsters.” We can look into each persona, and view their unique attributes including how to best reach them based on their specific influencer and media preferences. LaCroix could even build a single report on any of these personas, with a click of a button, for a more extensive deep dive.

Clusters for LaCroix's audience within Silhouette™

2. Media Preferences

Understanding your audience’s preferred media channels is key to reaching them effectively. With Silhouette, you can explore any audience’s favorite podcasts, streaming services, magazines, and more to build a comprehensive and data-driven media plan. La Croix can even view which channels their audience spends more time (e.g. podcasts over streaming services) to inform future ad placements and budget allocation.

For example, if LaCroix was looking to tap into podcast advertising, their audience engages with these 5 podcasts the most. Despite the top 5 podcasts being from vastly different genres, they do line up with the 4 personas mentioned previously, especially Wine for Normal People and Betches Moms.

A key feature in Silhouette is the ability to deliver any audience to digital partners like Facebook, CTV, Liveramp, and more to then target any audience across their preferred media channels.

3. Favorite Influencers

Where most influencer marketing tools surface influencer recommendations based on vanity metrics, Silhouette can surface nano to celebrity influencers based on who an audience engages with. For LaCroix, we wanted to uncover the top 5 nano food influencers that their audience engages with most, given more than half their audience falls under the “Healthy Hipsters” persona.

Alternatively, if LaCroix already had a set of influencers in mind for their next campaign, they could leverage Silhouette to validate them, ensuring the influencer’s audience aligned with the ideal audience they were looking to reach.

4. Brand Affinities
Brand interests of LaCroix's audience in Silhouette™

Within Silhouette, it’s easy to identify other brands your audience has an affinity for, including your competitors. Knowing that LaCroix’s audience also enjoys popular brands like Spindrift and San Pellegrino is key to keeping tabs on the competition. And within Silhouette, you can even compare all 3 audiences in one view to see how they differ.

Additionally, LaCroix’s marketing team can identify brands outside their category for partnerships and collaborations. For example, LaCroix’s audience tends to be music festival goers over the general population. LaCroix could explore sponsorships at these events.

5. Social Media Preferences

Gen Z females typically prefer TikTok to Instagram—so it could be worth investing more marketing dollars on TikTok. However, it’s important to first validate if this is true for LaCroix’s followers using Silhouette.

And guess what? That bit about TikTok being Gen Z’s preferred social channel above—linked and sourced—ended up being false for LaCroix’s specific audience:

Social media usage insights for LaCroix in Silhouette™

LaCroix’s audience is 1.75x more likely to engage on Instagram, followed by X and Reddit. TikTok barely made the top 5. And this is the exact trap that so many marketers unknowingly fall into. They rely on general statistics and preconceived notions instead of an audience-first approach—wasting valuable marketing dollars and time, all while prioritizing the wrong channels. Don’t assume your ideal customer profile follows the same trends as the general population.

6. Key Interests & Personality Traits

Interests are key to better understanding our audience and what drives them. The top 10 interests across LaCroix’s audiences center around cooking, cleaning, health, beauty and lifestyle. These insights indicate their audience is likely neat, health-conscious, and even pet friendly. All things LaCroix could work into their messaging strategy and future campaigns.

LaCroix’s personality traits complement their interests. Understanding what makes them tick can help you create more thoughtful, engaging campaigns that resonate with them.

Since their audience is more conscientious than the general population, LaCroix could consider charitable campaigns and opportunities to give back and strengthen their brand affinity.

7. Political Leanings & Affinities

Silhouette can even surface political leanings, politically-based influencers and social, economic and political issues across any audience. For example, La Croix’s audience tends to lean closer to the Democratic party and is even 2.72x more likely to engage in politically based content across social media.

If LaCroix was looking to take a political stance in a future campaign, this insight is key to understanding and anticipating how their audience will receive and engage with their message.

Political preferences for LaCroix's Audience in Silhouette

The Future of Marketing? Self-Declared Consumer Insights.

The insights gleaned from self-declared data are a game-changer—and will shape the future of marketing. We were able to learn a great deal about LaCroix’s audience—their unique interests, preferences, and more. The kind of insights needed to make meaningful connections that drive purchase decisions.

Silhouette makes gaining access to any audience as easy as popping open a can of LaCroix.

Looking to better understand and reach your audience effectively? Schedule a personalized demo with a member of our team, or check out the following resources to learn more about how you can strengthen and grow your marketing efforts with Silhouette:

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