Bring Paid Media Tactics to Your Influencer Marketing

Move beyond preconceived notions and vanity metrics, such as follower count, to identify your ideal influencer partners. Silhouette™ has empowered global agencies and brands to discover and validate influencers based on their audience’s interests, passions, and personalities, then prove the ROI impact of their campaigns.

Discover the Capabilities of Silhouette For Influencer Identification & Attribution

Take an Audience-First Approach to Partnerships

Create a custom audience based on your ideal buyer’s unique attributes and then identify the macro and micro influencers they are already engaging with to inform your partnerships.

Amplify Your Campaigns Through Paid Media

Programmatically target any influencer for future partnership and maximize the impact of your campaigns by directly targeting their followers on their preferred paid media channels. 

Measure ROI Impact of Influencer Campaigns

Identify the real individuals exposed to specific influencer content, then overlay purchase data or run attribution surveys, to prove the impact of your paid and organic partnerships. 

“Finding the right influencers can be tricky, but measuring resulting sales impact  is even more difficult. StatSocial is moving the category forward with a focus on deep metrics and attribution, allowing marketers to be more confident in the influencers they select and prove actual ROI.”

Jay Baer

Marketing and CX Expert, Founder of Convince & Convert

2022 Influencer Marketing Innovation Award 

Martech Breakthrough recognizes Silhouette™ as the first martech platform to both identify and validate influencer partnerships and then measure resulting sales impact from the campaign.

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Influencer Marketing: How It Works and Why It is So Effective

Gone are the days of traditional marketing where companies would only rely on billboards, commercials, and print ads to get their message out there. In today’s digital world, it can be challenging to stand out from the competition as more and more companies are vying for attention, even more so with the advent of social […]

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