How to Achieve Precise Survey Profiling with Social Audience Data

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Hosted by:

Chris Morgan

SVP of Solutions Consulting, StatSocial

Marlee Gauthier

Director of Marketing, StatSocial

Better Survey Profiling Awaits

What We Discuss

Social audience data enable marketers and researchers to precisely target even the most niche audiences. In this 30 minute webcast, we not only provide a brief overview of what social audience insights are (and what they are not), but dive into:

    • Current challenges with traditional survey profiling methods
    • How social audience data is transforming market research initiatives
    • How to achieve precise survey profiling with social audience data
    • Client examples and results

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About Our Hosts

Chris Morgan

Chris Morgan

SVP of Solutions Consulting

Chris Morgan is a leading marketing technologist with 10+ years of consulting experience helping companies of all sizes find the ideal data solutions to power their businesses.

Marlee Gauthier

Marlee Gauthier

Director of Marketing

Marlee Gauthier is a marketing leader with nearly 10 years experience in B2B and B2C marketing strategies and management. She has extensive experience driving brand, content and digital marketing initiatives.